Cooperation and Competition

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Text Box: Spelling and Vocabulary

      Class President
      Marble Champ
      The Abacus Contest
      SOR Losers
      Test Review
Text Box: The basic rules for cooperation while playing games are:

	1.  	Everyone plays (no one is excluded and 		the games are constructed so that 			everyone can join in.
	2.	No one gets hurt.
	3.	Everyone has fun.
Text Box: Always in a Rectangle
All players are blindfolded. All hold a rope and must try to make a rectangle. Then they can make a circle. Which team can make the best rectangle or circle? The rectangle or circle can be drawn on the ground and a corner/starting point/endpoint can be shown.

Stand Up
Two players sit back to back with legs stretched out in front of them. They must try to stand up without using their arms. Purpose: working together to reach the goal.

Sit on Laps
Everyone stands facing in the same direction in a circle. Everyone then tries to sit on the lap of the person behind him. This is not too easy and the circle can fall apart anywhere.

All Together Now
The group stands in a row with a balloon wedged between each players belly and the next players back. The group must no move all together and not lose any balloons. Purpose: Movement coordination and group feeling.

Screaming  Blaring - Screeching
Team A stands in two groups about 20 Meters apart. Team B stands in the middle of the two groups. Group A is told a word and all must call out this word to Group B. Team B tries to prevent Group B from hearing the words by screaming, shouting and screeching. How many words can get through in a defined time? Teams then switch positions.

Cooperative Games

Text Box: Cooperation and Competition
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Civil War
New Frontiers