We are using the enVision Math program.  This program will be visual based and you will be able to go online and view content.  Click here to view the website.




4th Grade Topics                                                                      5th Grade Topics


Topic 1:            Numeration                                                                      Numeration


Topic 2:            Addition and Subtraction Number Sense                 Addition and Subtraction Number Sense


Topic 3:            Multiplication and Division                                            Reviewing Multiplication of Whole Numbers


Topic 4:            Multiplying by 1-Digit Numbers                                  Division of Whole Numbers


Topic 5:            Variables and Expressions                                            Variables and Expressions


Topic 6:            Multiplying by 2-Digit Numbers                                  Multiplying Decimals


Topic 7:            Dividing by 1-Digit Divisors                                          Dividing Decimals


Topics 8:          Line, Angles, Shapes, and Solids                                 Shapes


Topic 9:            Fraction Meanings and Concepts                                 Factors and Multiples


Topic 10:          Addition and Subtraction of Fractions                     Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Decimals


Topic 11:           Fraction and Decimal Concepts                                   Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers


Topic 12:          Operations with Decimals                                             Multiplying and Dividing Fractions


Topic 13:          Solving Equations                                                            Length, Perimeter, and Area


Topic 14:          Integers                                                                           Solids


Topic 15:          Measurement, Perimeter, and Area                            Integers


Topic 16:          Data and Graphs                                                             Solving and Writing Equations


Topic 17:          Length and Coordinates                                                Percent


Topic 18:          Formulas and Equations                                                 Equations and Graphs


Topic 19:          Congruence and Symmetry                                           Graphs and Data


Topic 20:         Probability                                                                        Constructions



On the website, there are a few icons that I would like you to be aware of.


                      GLOSSARY: If you are having difficulty with mathematical terms; this symbol will be found                       on the top of the page.



                      ETOOLS: Online manipulatives that will help you with the homework; this symbol will be                           found on the top of the page.


                      MATH PRACTICE: If you forget your homework book at school and you need it to do your                       homework, you can click on this symbol to bring up the math page. Make sure if you are on                       the correct topic number. This symbol can be found on the left hand side of the page.